Daring to be Different and Advancing Products Women Want

Daring to be Different and Advancing Products Women Want

We are committed to identifying, licensing or acquiring and developing candidates that expand options, improve outcomes and facilitate convenience for women. In addition to our lead products in development, our accelerator boasts a broad portfolio of diverse product candidates with first-in-category potential for women requiring or desiring new therapies in contraception, vaginal health, sexual health and fertility.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Regulatory Filing


Bacterial Vaginosis

Phase 3 Study Completed

Potential First-line Option for Bacterial Vaginosis

DARE-BV1 (bio-adhesive gel, clindamycin) is a potential front-line option for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV). Thermosetting, prolonged-release antibiotic formulation aims to help treat once and done. Learn More.


Hormone-Free, Monthly Contraception
Partner: Bayer

Pivotal Topline Data - 2022

A novel, hormone-free monthly intravaginal contraceptive candidate


Ovaprene® (barrier IVR, ferrous gluconate) is designed to provide multiple weeks of contraceptive protection. Hormone-free, self-administered.  Learn More.

Sildenafil Cream, 3.6%

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Phase 2b Topline Data - 2021

First-in-category for Treatment of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Sildenafil Cream, 3.6% (Topical Cream, Sildenafil) is a topical formulation specially made for women with female sexual arousal disorder, targeted to reach where it matters most.  Learn More.


Hormone Therapy

Phase 1 Topline - 2021

First-in-category Sustained-Release Hormone Therapy

DARE-HRT1 (IVR, combination bio-identical estradiol + bio-identical progesterone) for hormone therapy.


Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy
(HR+ Breast Cancer Population)

Phase 1 Preparation

First-in-category Treatment for VVA for ER/PR+ Breast Cancer Patients

DARE-VVA1 (vaginal insert, tamoxifen) is a proprietary formulation of tamoxifen for vaginal administration. Potential to be the first product specifically approved for the treatment of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA) in patients with hormone-receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer.


Pregnancy Maintenance (PTB & ART)

Phase 1 Preparations - 2020

First-in-category Sustained Release Progesterone for Pregnancy Maintenance

DARE-FRT1 (IVR, bio-identical progesterone) for the prevention of preterm birth and for fertility support as part of an IVF treatment plan.


User-Controlled, Long-Acting Reversible Contraception


First-in-category, User-Controlled, Long-Acting, Reversible Contraceptive (UC-LARC)

A novel integrated drug/device technological approach to long-acting, reversible contraception. Learn More.

ORB 204/214^

6 & 12 Month Injectable Contraception


First-in-category 6 & 12 Month Injectable Contraception

A potential new injectable contraceptive that is designed to provide discreet, noninvasive, longer-acting reversible protection.


Non-Hormonal Male and Female Contraceptive Target


First-in-category Male or Female Contraceptive Target

A novel approach to male and female contraception.

^505(b)(2) regulatory pathway anticipated. *Ovaprene Post Coital Test (PCT) is a pre-pivotal clinical study.

‡HRT Phase 1 study to be conducted in Australia by Daré subsidiary.

*This timeline reflects management’s estimates as of August 30, 2019 and constitutes a forward-looking statement subject to qualifications under the Terms and Services of this website, including Section 13.4, Forward-Looking Statements; Disclaimer. Actual development timeline may be substantially longer, and Daré is under no obligation to update or review this estimate. “First-in-category” designation is a forward-looking statement based on management’s current expectations and currently available FDA-approved therapies.





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