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Monthly hormone-free birth control ring

When it comes to contraception, women value convenience and efficacy. Most women would prefer a contraceptive method they don’t need to remember to take every day and that doesn’t require action at the time of intercourse. Additionally, survey data showed that nearly 85% of women would prefer a monthly option with a lower hormone dose than the oral birth control pill. Ovaprene was designed to offer women a contraceptive option with these features.

Ovaprene is a hormone-free, intravaginal ring designed to provide contraception over multiple weeks by releasing a locally acting agent which impedes sperm motility, coupled with a unique knitted polymer barrier that physically blocks sperm from entering the cervical canal. The novel combination of these complementary approaches has the potential to produce efficacy consistent with existing short-acting hormone birth control options (pills, patches, vaginal ring), without the use of hormones.

In a previous pilot postcoital test (PCT) study, Ovaprene successfully immobilized sperm and prevented their progression into the cervical canal. Ovaprene is currently being studied in a larger and more robust PCT study. If successful, we intend to prepare and file an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) with the FDA to commence a pivotal clinical trial. If approved, Ovaprene will be a first-in-category therapy for women seeking a hormone-free, self-administered and non-invasive birth control method.

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